Friday, 30 January 2009

Oh! my head

Last night I went out with Bob the vicar and some friends from our Church for a pint and a male get together. It was a very friendly enjoyable evening and the time went very quickly. This morning however I feel hung over. I only had two pints but I cant work .Its pouring with rain outside and my senses feel dull. I dislike myself this morning.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Newlyn Docks at Christmas

Newlyn Docks or Newlyn Harbour to be exact is currently a good source of inspiration. I love the Cornish starck black and white coloured boats. Painting like this is however what I call hard line painting . and is very hard work because I am working to sketches and photos. Instead of making it up as it goes along. A day into this painting I realizes there was much hard line work in front of me. I wanted to finish it but was also not doing what I do best which is to let the work bubble up from the unconscious. In a way hard line paintings are easier as you dont have the hard labour of constant creativity. Still I like it.

Friday, 23 January 2009


Although I live in Penzance I love working on images from my travels.When we went to Nice.=we stayed at the Promenade des Englaise in a hotel called hotel Eden it was a seedy bygone age french gem and was so romantic.The kids loved it too with the sea right across the road so aqua blue.excep the little red stinging jelly fish.

A little break

After a few weeks of intensive work its goor to have a little break.Get some housework done and all the paperwork that piles up.Here is one of the best aof my recent bout

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Credit crunch

Its hard being a painter in a time like this. If I was younger and fitter I would find another way to make a living . All the London Galleries have suffered and the cheques have dried up . boo hoo! So what am I going to do. I`m going to concentrate .Thats all I can do .