Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Cuban Salsa £4 on the door.Regent Pub .Chapel st. PZ

For Penzance this is a little jem for something different. The music is Cuban /Porto Ricanish and the atmosphere is great.Set in the Regent Pub an open plan pub which is a centre for pre club revellers in Penzance at the w end. On Wednesdays it`s a Salsa Club and its great. Go along with or without a partner and chill or dance to the freat music and friendly vibes.

Thursday, 11 October 2007


I never seem to tire of this subject and I`m off to marrakech again in November . This oil has been built up over a long time .I`ve noticed that oil does dull after a while or sink as they call it so going back and reworking an image refreshes it with new colour and completes with ` new eyes`. I tend to cover the canvas with a mixture of linseed and turps when it is dry and I want to rework it .