Thursday, 27 September 2007

Nearly there

Just coming to the end of another long intensive period of work and starting to feel like I need a break. I have a few more paintings to do before christmas . It goes like that you need to rest after a while it becomes repetitious and I`m scratching my head trying to figure out how to go foreward. At the end of the day if i`ve wasted a lot of paint by scaping it off or just going over it it seems so frustrating as a though I`ve done nothing. But that is how it goes sometimes I need to stop and get some freshness in my body before I can go on.Take in new ideas,look around,absorb,rest. But I won`t not yet anyway. I still have some surprizes left in me before I get to the finishing line. I`tll be great to be at David Curzon Gallery on the 14th to see all my hard work framed up really posh for the show.Then I know I`ll be able to slow down .

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Mathew Lanyon at Rainyday Gallery

I have just seen a fantastic new show by Mathew Lanyon. As you know I usually dislike dreary cornish Art but this show blows all that out of the water .It is full of vitality and colour and needs a few views to take it all in. I really love it when I turn up at a restaurant and get a great meal well this is what you get here .A real treat.Lots of flavours cooked superbly and satisfying. Go and see it now. I cant believe such an artist is showing in high st Penzance!Click on the link to take a