Thursday, 15 November 2007


Well Ive been away to Marrakech . This is me at the Katoubia which is a 3000 yr old mousqe . I`ve been there twice now . And although I liked the ascetic appeal of the place I really didn`t like being treated like a walking cash machine. Its really a very poor place . I am also very impressed by the astuteness of some of these people at relieving me of my money. I am still reeling from paying a few pounds for a handful of Nigela seeds that I could have bought for pennies in my local market. And a market trader ran after me for money for taking a photo of his stall.And the bloody snake charmer was hardly charming. Still it has it`s appeal . They smile while there robbing you. I took my son Sam this time He`s 12 and we both had an amazing experience.