Thursday, 14 July 2011

I came to another stop last Saturday and dont want to paint . I was even wondering if I am a Naive style painter at all. After all that very Anal attention to endless detail; I find fussy

. Being involved in the Naive Genre has taught me how important detail is but it can in an odd way just be a mask for being lazy. Having plenty of time to fill in all the bits while not doing the really hard work of working up ,destroying and working up untill something is forged.
I want to forge like a blacksmith not paint like an old lady.( no offence to all those wonderfully fussy painters and I can think of at least one Naive painter who does forge and is also attentive to detail) however..

I am re-thinking how to go foreward and be real . I am not going to re invent the wheel. Just a slight rudder adjustment. And maybe a distancing from the constriction of the Naive club.

more to follow....

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