Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Montipulchiano painting is coming along nicely but it is hard work. Apart from the size and the damp conditions ( drying time)  it`s very stressful having to manage and make work such a big image. .
One of my favourite painters is a Scottish painter called David Donaldson who also made his paintings directly on to the canvas without sketches etc.  It works for me because it does but as I say it`s hard work. It is very rough and the paintwork needs completing especially with the still life.This might be a problem as fresh paint always looks brighter so I have to be careful.I have to go and get some more paint now .It needs to sit and be cleaned up .But I think the basic picture is there.So no more madness.!! It isn`t finished and you know how I like to change things if it calls to me. So...  

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