Sunday, 18 July 2010

Work is coming along nicely with us now thinking of the Flooring to use . It has a wet room and en suite. They have also patio `d the back so we can eat on a level patch when we eat out. Here is the new swimming pool. Well little pool that my daughter Alana bought from Argos.We are having the house pebble dashed next. Yes I know!! pebble dash. It seems so old fashioned but it doesn`t need any maintenance . The pebble dash they will use is called Gun Wallah! and is little stones found on the beach that they sling at render. At the moment the house has a pinkish pebble dash which Lorraine doesn`t like.She doesn`t like being the only pink house in the village. We are having the whole house re done in the ochre coloured local gun wallah! Will life ever be the same ?.... and ....`that I should be interested in such things` . How my life has changed! ...and will the person who slings the pebbles at the wall be any good at it.??

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