Monday, 26 July 2010

The Hastings Stalker.

I am being hounded by the Hastings stalker.She originally had an interest in three prints which has now grown to six. And at these prices you also could afford to buy six. She phones me up all times of the day asking about images of mine she has found on the web. Some go back years and the galleries have gone out of business. She has been through all my Blogs with a fine tooth comb and picked out the images she likes best and the sizes she wants them in. The Beauty of being a self publishing Artist is that I can print from any picture as long as I have a decent file or photo . I must be developing Munchhousen Syndrome as I am beginning to like our mutual search for a good image. And ,it has given me a new insight in to how critical I can be of work that to me now looks great and yet I have gone over or re worked. Thankyou to the Hastings Stalker.. Here is one of the prints she has bought and it just goes to show ,if you do a bit of getting yourself out there and asking you can get a real bargain.

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