Saturday, 13 March 2010

One of the hardest tasks for an Artist I am sure is to find subject matter whether it comes from inside or from out there. The picture in the back is a Plein air painting I did last year. It went to Gallery but was a little to `not me` and didn`t sell. It has however proved invaluable for information when doing St Ives paintings. The colours in close up are very subtle and gives me accurate details of how St Ives should look.I painted it among the deck chairs and parasols on the beach on a beautiful sunny and crowded day on Porthminster Beach. St Ives. The best Beach in the world.The picture I am working on at the fore is the one I`ve didn`t want to work on earlier because I had a headache and didn`t want to ruin it. Since then I have cliched my self 4 or 5 times by using cobalt blues and Cyan Green. I have gone for a lighter green and I am trying to stay original and fresh and not repeat myself. Don`t think its finished it`s about half way.

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