Sunday, 7 March 2010

I had a private view last night in Penzance .It was a group show and I was one of a half dozen or so other painters..I took my 10 yr old daughter and we looked at each painting as we went round and discussed each one. We saw three painters work that we liked and thought mine obviously the best . Were biased of course!!. I have exhibited in many galleries in my career and this has to be among the bottom two .It is an unfriendly grubby little place where the indifference to it`s Artists is startling.There was know one meeting and greeting or making for a welcoming atmosphere and I was handed a price list as though I was just another punter..I hear that they have sold only two pictures since Christmas and it`s not surprising. If I was a buyer and had money in my pocket I would have walked out from the shear lack of interest. I really don`t understand this and it makes me want to tear my hair out in frustration.Politeness and friendliness `ARE FREE` `Cost nothing and goes a long long way.. the future.....I am going to start work for my Alderburgh exibition next and hope to do some pictures of London which I have only done once before.Also spring is springing and the lure of Plein air painting is beckoning too.

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