Saturday, 20 February 2010

Ive had a wonderful 3 nights with my family at the NovaHotel in Hammersmith. Took in `Nation` a play at the National Theatre which is facing the Thames and ate at the Riverside. I also went round the Galleries in Cork St .Albamayle St and Dover St and went to the Van Gogh show at the RA but the q was so long I decided to skip that.I took lots of breaks because walking isn`t as easy as it was for me stopping at old pubs and little Cafe`s. I went to my favourite gallery the John Martin Gallery and picked up some free brochures of two artists I like Fred Yates and David Martin. I also saw a superb painter at the Redfern Gallery called Eileen Agar who was a friend a Picasso`s and painted in acrylic and saw the wonderful Gillian Ayres abstracts at Alan Christea Gallery.It was raining and I bought an umbrella at Boots to keep me dry.It has been exhausting but I am so pleased I have done it. Back home now and itching to work on some London Paintings soon.

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