Friday, 29 January 2010

Ive been mucking about with this little dark painting just to see where it goes. I`m adding black gesso to the colours in an attempt to reflect how padstow really is on a winters day in January.Painting to deadlines is a part of my Job. So it is a nice relief to just paint and see where it goes and of course keeps the creative mind alive and exploring.I had a call from another Gallery today in Alderburgh. The Thompson Gallery . They would like 6 paintings for there summer show. Two for the brochure and to arrive first then the other four to follow. Thompsons are an excellent Gallery . One of the best in the Country and there Summer brochure is a grand affair with Artists like Mary Fedden . Edward Seago. Terry Frost Alberto Morroco to name just a few. So an important commitment.I also have the entry form for the Royal Acadamy in London. I`ve never exhibited there before as I`ve always thought my work isn`t serious enough. Which to some extent is true . I am very serious about not being serious. Life is to short.I would like to exhibit something though. Am I ready for it ?

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