Friday, 15 January 2010


Firstly let me say how tragic the Haiti stuation is. The pictures coming through are truly heartbreaking.

Today though, I went to have my 6 monthly review with my Consultant. There are 4 people in Cornwall with Devics and I am one of them. `Devics` which is like MS but different and treated differently. There are about 60 people in the whole country with this so the chances of getting it are 1 in a million. I had my first catastrophic episode 3 yrs ago which left me paralyzed for 4 months. Anyway I am doing fine and have to keep taking the immune suppressants . We cant tell the future so I am pleased to live a relatively normal life.I didn`t work today but have an idea for another Venice which has bubbled up. I`ll keep you posted.

Also I sold a picture yesterday in London. a large one at Blackheath Gallery so I am in the money.Some of which I sent to the appeal.

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