Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Style and Plein air Painting

Plein air painting is something I have been doing all Summer. I started because a very good friend of mine Colin Ruffel see crabfish.com invited me to do so. I was against it at first as I had tried it before and found it a distraction from the studio painting and limiting as you only paint what is in front of you. In the studio is were I have worked best and have painted my finest works and were I find the creative potential in working from memory to my liking. Now I also like Plein air painting in fact I love it but the style is different. The trouble is lots of people paint in this style and to be Exhibiting in top London Galleries. Which I am, you have to be different and stand out from the crowd.I have managed to do this by painting bold sometimes blocky semi abstracted paintings which come out of me very naturally.Their very colourful and strong. In real life colours are not strong often there grey and muted. And this is the dilemma I am in. Am I a muted grey person or a strong bold person.Trouble is I like them both .I can see life in both .... to be continued

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