Thursday, 30 July 2009

St Ives.

14x20inch or 36x51cms is about as large as I can manage with one hand ( said the nun to the vicar) so I found this size gave me a lot to do very fast( the nun said again.... The Sun had just come out and I could see the paint drying and forming a skin as soon as I put it on my palette. People I noticed were very curtious as some people nearly encamped there families in front of me but didn`t as I was painting. It wouldn`t have mattered to me I would have just put them in. What a glorious place to be ,St Ives in the summer with the light of angels and the spirit of an Irish wake.This is the un- edited version.The midgets will have to be taken out I think .
I really do think that the information I am gathering from Plein air painting will help and inform my Studio work.Just by being there and seeing it in the flesh.For example the Dark Prussian blue of the Sea today against the boats I saw gives me ideas. When the rain comes hopefully they will bubble up to the surface.

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