Saturday, 6 June 2009

Penzance Harbour.

Lorraine and I, that's my wife to the uninitiated,went out for dinner. Gran came round to look after the kids and off we went to the Renaissance overlooking the Harbour. Its great as the view is the best in Penzance Town .The Palms the car park the boats perfectly still on the evening high tide with the Scillonian moored on the far wharf ,and a full evening moon. It was like Cannes with that honeyed evening pinky glow.The waitress was just great. Well actually her name was Marge and she runs the business it turns out.Usually I feel embarrassed talking to waitresses but this time I felt very relaxed. Lorraine just wanted to jaw with anyone intelligent who was willing to reciprocate and boy could she reciprocate I think she was talking for the whole nation. Anyway I saw a lovely painting and vow to return and do a watercolour to make up into an oil.I`ll keep you posted.

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