Friday, 5 June 2009

Newlyn Art Gallery

I went to Newlyn again but this time to the green by the Newlyn Art Gallery overlooking the fishing Port.When I first came to Cornwall I enquired about becoming a member but they wanted diplomas and all that and were slightly hauty so I decided not to bother..maybe I`ll live to regret that... Anyway. .... there is a little group of houses there that I liked the look of.Again .Silly me . No shade. So I nestled in as much as I could to a bank of Palms with fronds poking me all over the place and defiantly proceeded. The light on the canvas was still unsettling with the shade of Palms fronds over my white canvas.I was very pleased that I didn`t give up and managed to settle down and actually enjoy it a bit more even with people coming up to me .Slowly the place came alive with the Newlyn Christian Fellowship trying to attract customers to mums and dads walking there dogs and children to some young kids playing football. By the time the fellowship had packed up my tummy was rumbling so I packed up to. Starting to like oil a bit more too. This is unfinished as I hav`nt touched it .

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