Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Above St Ives

This morning I went to St Ives . I found a spot near Porthmeor Beach which is the one with the Tate in.But, it was too hot so I headed back.Determined not to fail in my mission to get some Plein air work done I headed towards St Just. Not long after leaving I found a field that looked a possibility. I parked up by the road and off I went . Then the heat again .I need shade.After walking round the field a while realized I may not get shade so headed back to the car.I then said a little surrender prayer while walking and avoiding the cow pats.I was guided to a small wind blown thorn bush that was in flower and offered the perfect spot. I love it when I surrender.I painted what I saw and here it is a little homestead well actually a quite large homestead;I`d like to live there at any rate above St Ives. The little black spots in the clouds are small dead flies.Mt lesson for today is that shade is important and prayer is doubly important.

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