Friday, 15 May 2009

Still Life Porthcurno

A long time ago when I started out painting I walked into a London Gallery in Cork St in London and had a big awakening. I would go up from Brighton once a week to learn about Art . I would go to all the best Galleries and I quickly learn`t a thing or two about where I wanted to go and what excited me most but this was a shock. Among the Terry Frosts the Matisses and Alberto Morroco`s the Mary Feddens and the Fred Cumming the Hockneys and the rest was a group of Art I steared clear of. The work was very commercial and slightly fussy even twee. How could I possibly like this but the truth dawned on me that I did . I liked the unpretentiousness of it.From this experience I realized that there bits of my personality I just have to own up too. Occasionally I will paint one of these pictures and here is one. A slightly fussy ,slightly twee picture that I just love and will not go over.

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